I don’t know about you, but I learned to swim in a swimming baths where the water was freezing, the chlorine was so thick you came out virtually blind, and the changing rooms ALWAYS smelled of wee…Amazing anyone in the West Midlands learned to swim at all given the hellish nature of the experience…

If I’d been born in Lencois, Brazil, I reckon I would have ended up a far better swimmer. Here are 2 views of just one of the pools I might have learned in. The top view is from the cave/changing room, (no lockers but there are nice, smooth, bum-friendly rocks to sit on), while the second is across the pool, (from the deep end), back towards the cave/changing room…I admit there’s a lack of  machines selling ‘Mars’ bars and ‘Irn Bru’, (which no West Midlands training session was complete without), but the body temperature water, entertaining fishes that nibble at your extremities, and absence of 350 other kids, screaming at the top of their lungs and attempting to drown the sensitive child that  ‘Baby SHPics’ was, swings it for me.

If this had been in Dudley I bet even now, I’d have the well-honed torso of Johnny Weismuller…. I might even have developed gills.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

As a bit of a p.s. here’s a second showing in slide show form, including the landscape B&W shots I posted of the Chapada Diamantina a couple of days ago..

For some reason the tagging didn’t work and the B&W’s ended up lost in cyberspace…Apologies to everyone kind enough to be ‘following’ my blog as you’ll have seen these already ….

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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