I promised that I was going to onlyย  post new, UK based shots for a while….So blame the gap in postings down to the diabolical weather we’re currently enjoying here. That and the fact that I’ve got a virulent case of the galloping crud, so have found it difficult to drag myself from the confines of my very comfortable bed. But, because I love you dear reader, I’ve done just that.

Through icy gusting blasts, through sheets of freezing rain, through sleet, through mud, through no fault of his own, your hero ventured forth….To Barrow Hill!

It pissed down of course, but the cemetery seemed almost to be enjoying it. The light was ‘crap’ with a capital ‘shite’, but after some processing jiggery-pokery I was fairly happy with these summery feelgood snaps.

I thought they might work as illustrations for a range of ‘Get Well Soon’ cards…What do you think?

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

  1. holdlifestill365

    love shooting in graveyards, but i live next to one so it’s familiar and not scary! and i laughed at the ‘virulent case of the galloping crud’ too funny, but hope it gallops away soon.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      It has galloped..there was a nasty stumble at the last fence, but, after the dexterous use of the best part of a whole roll of toilet paper, the problem was solved to the satisfaction of all concerned…
      So…HIP HOORAY…it’s now well and truly galloped’n’gone.


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