I’ve spent the day in London…The metropolitanly minded Mrs SHPics and I had a couple of appointments in the City, so decided to do a Christopher Robin & Alice and make a day of it….A quick tootle to Sandwell and Dudley station in the charabanc, followed by a leisurely one and a half hours in Virgins finest, and there we were, dancing the gilded streets. Okay, so we had a couple of hours doing all the crap stuff we were really there for, but then Wahey!, holiday mood kicked in.

Obviously I have taken a few photos but by now you will have realised they’re not here…..Purely because there were two more of my ULTRA cheerful, happy-happy cemetery shots I wanted to foist on you.

So, London shots and exciting stories involving hummous and Chablis tomorrow…..More of my unhealthy death fixation today..Enjoy!

All Images Copyright The Grim Reaper Stuart Allan Hyde


  1. Helen Cherry

    A pink sky now that IS crazy !! I love cemetery shots… and as you know just written about Natual Burial Grounds over on 1500 Saturdays.. This fixation must be our age Suart!!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      What a pleasant, positive insight that is…….thank you so very much Helen….
      Chrissake woman, given the leaps and bounds in medical science I reckon we’re only just middle-aged!!!!!
      IF THAT !!
      I assure you the only death that interests me is other peoples..??.. If you know what I mean..??..
      (That really doesn’t paint me in a positive light does it?, maybe I need to rethink that particular sentence.)


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Why not incorporate cemeterys into your travels?
      My experience is limited but of the few I have visited when travelling, they always seem to have something to say about the culture of the people they serve….Might be a really great project.


      1. Spiritual World Traveler

        It’s strange, I thought about going to them in Egypt and never made it. Unfortunately, my trip has been cut short due to a minor eye burn! I’m flying back home in a few days. πŸ™‚ / 😦

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