I’ve had only a very short while to sort through the pics I took in London yesterday, so I’ll probably post a few more over the next few days. Here’s a couple ofย  icons to get the ball rolling.

It’s actually quite difficult to shoot in London and avoid cliches…Walking the streets literally everyone you pass has either a camera or a smartphone snapping away constantly, so I just thought ‘Bugger it’ and joined in…

So, though I know you’ve seen thousands of photos of St Pauls, and zillions of Big Ben I make no apologies…I’ve never photographed either before and, cliched or not, I really enjoyed myself.


In fact I so enjoyed the guilty pleasure of snapping some of the best known, most photographed structures in the world, that I even had a crack at the London Eye…..

Am I ashamed?

Well…Only a little.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. The Pal Guy

    Great photos. The city of London is a photographers dream as there are so many good subjects to capture. I really like the second photo of the Big Ben especially because of the angle in which you look the shot. Good job.


  2. scillagrace

    I keep seeing the Gothic thing, deep angles, dark branches and shadows, in a nutshell, you give each shot your own style. So, no, it doesn’t look like every other tourist cliche.


  3. Sonali Dalal

    I can understand your feelings. My city,Ahmedabad,India, has many heritage monuments. Photographed hundreds of times. It is very difficult to be different and yet you want to click them,for their sheer beauty.


  4. Rob

    Great photos – the one of St Paul’s especially is from such a unique angle I didn’t even recognise it at first.


  5. Helen Cherry

    Love, Love, Love that 2nd shot.. difficult to get an unusual shot of Big Ben and you’ve managed it.. Well done !! I agree with Scilla (nothing new there ! ) very Gothic!
    Also like the London Eye plane photo but for soem horrible reason it made me thnk of 9/11. Did you think that too? I’m going up to London some day soon… just waiting for it to stop Bl**** raining sooooo muc !


  6. Stuart Hyde - shpics

    ‘UP to London my dear’…..thats all very Evelyn Waugh….
    I do know what you mean about the third shot. Sadly, I think most shots of airborne planes might cause those thoughts to go through our minds….

    On a lighter note, we were SO lucky with the weather whilst in ‘The Smoke’…..It was a vest and knickers day!


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