One of my regular (very much appreciated), comment contributors,  recently pointed out how often I seem to shoot buildings hidden by vegetation…Hand on heart, I hadn’t  noticed how often I return to this theme, but, having had a quick trawl through the archives, I was amazed at how many shots I’ve taken along these lines..

The shot  of the Houses of Parliament above ,(they’re in there somewhere),  is a case in point…( it was taken on the same day, but prior to the comment)…I have no idea why this is a recurring theme for me, but for some reason I find the image strangely satisfying. Likewise the church below…I took a good half a dozen shots of the walls and architectural features, but it was the shot where the church was obscured that rang my bell.

Is there something wrong with me? All polite comments will be much appreciated.

Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Thank the lord……I was just trawling the internet for psychiatrists specialising in obfuscation….couldn’t find one…I reckon they’re all hiding.
      (and thanks thats really kind)


  1. scillagrace

    This nature girl is all for vegetation taking over…like temple ruins covered in jungle vines. “God bless the grass that grows between the cracks; they roll the cement over to try to push it back…” I love the look!


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