It’s not very often I do two posts in the same 24 hours, but, I’ve enjoyed the quietest, laziest, most kicked-back day I’ve had for quite a while…  Consequently I’m feeling totally ‘chill-axed’, (yes, I really did say that, what a tool!) and at peace with the world…So I thought, even though I’d already blogged about a girl and a prawn, (check the archive, its not as bad as it sounds),I’d spread a little extra SHPics travel-style goodness into the blogosphere. At least I hope it’s goodness, not really for me to judge.

I’d got lots of  ‘left-over’ shots from last weeks trip to London that didn’t seem to sit anywhere thematically..(other than being of London)….(Obviously)…So here they are in no particular order.

A Couple of City Boys.

Mirrors suspended above the Thames riverwalk..Why? I have no idea, but they’re rather fantastic!

Two buildings, somewhere behind St Pauls, I should have checked the A-Z….Again no idea what they are, but I thought them both incredibly beautiful.

And that really is the last of London……

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


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