All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. scillagrace

    Interesting effect, my techno friend. If water makes you melt, you’re either made of sugar or you’re The Wicked Witch of the West…which one do you take her for?


      1. scillagrace

        Okay, so I looked up the Cocteau Twins and clicked on the “Alice” video on Youtube. My sister Alice & I were in a car accident when she was 20 & I was 17. She was killed. So the tear and the blur and the music and the shimmery, watery effect is starting to work on me. Maybe I just always look for stories to connect to images….

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Whenever I’ve found an image that I think ‘works’ in some way, it’s always connected to other things. My favourite images seem to have multiple lines running off them…tied to pieces of music or memories or imaginings…The things I like most about images as opposed to narrative, is that we each see different connections, read different stories.
        Having said all that, some images send out a pretty universal vibe, and this one, (which I do find a bit difficult myself), is never going to be a happy ever after…
        Strange… I’m always really happy listening to sad songs.

  2. MathiasLPhotos

    Hello Stuart,
    I really love your pictures !!!
    I would like to give you the Kreativ Blogger Award.
    (it goes well with the “Kreativ” effect on that picture)


  3. Helen Cherry

    I’ve looked at this several times now and I’m not sure what to make of it… I love the palette of colours but find the whole thing rather disturbing…. interesting as you say Scilla..


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I was listening to some very sad sounding songs by the Cocteau Twins……If you know the Cocteaus you’ll know how inpenetrable they can be but I kept hearing the word ‘tears’…This was the result…..
      (and it disturbs the bejeesus out of me)…….


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