I often struggle for titles for posts but this one was a no brainer !  Absolutely nothing to do with the finished photos, but perfect for the experience.

I was shooting the lower Fenn pool in Pensnett, and the sky was quite literally changing by the second…Strong winds were giving short periods of almost total cloud cover and semi-darkness, followed by intense bursts of brilliant sunshine and open expanses of the brightest blues…Every time I’d get the camera set-up how I wanted it, white balance/asa/aperture, the light would change and I’d be totally kyboshed. Great fun but a good 50 percent of the frames I shot were utter sh*te….Being an OCD kinda’ guy I found I was muttering ‘The sky’s gone out’  under my breath…..repeatedly……for an hour or more…..over and over again…’The sky’s gone out’…’The sky’s gone out’…..Jeeeez, I can be a pain in the arse.

As soon as I got home, Bauhaus’s 1982 album  ‘The Sky’s Gone Out’ was in MyMagicMusicBox, I hadn’t listened to it in 20 years…thankfully it shut me up.

(There’s a youtube linky thing somewhere down below to the track ‘Exquisite Corpse’…..I still think its rather good in a Bonkers English kinda’ way…If you do give it a listen, be warned, its not over til its over…).



All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      It moved and changed alright…
      It was like ‘The Skies Greatest Hits….All of your Favourite Skies on one long-playing record..Only £3.99 from Ronco….Comes with free sun-block and plastic poncho….Buy It Now!’


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