Celebrations amongst the villagers on the occasion of the twelfth wedding Anniversary of Lord and Lady SHPics..(Hopefully someone will be torching a cow…..We’re always peckish on celebration days).

No time to blog….We have a very full itinerary…Not sure if I’ll be allowed to record it on camera..(well, not all of it, you wouldn’t want to see all of it)….But I will try to sneak my Nikon along for the ride…

Here’s Spooky, our number one son and chief party-planner, who didn’t bring us breakfast in bed, not a good start…..

(Isn’t he handsome?.. Takes after his Daddy you know).

All Images copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. marinachetner

    Hilarious! Love the words and your cat is beautiful. I think my family owned its twin (she has since passed). Same owl like eyes, similar colour fur. Such a stunning image. Happy Anniversary to you and your wife!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Thanks Marina……The trunk of the car is full of bottles that go pop…..Its going to be a fizzy evening!
      And Spooky, who is spending the evening with his Auntie Rita, says thankyou. He knows exactly how beautiful he is, but he never tires of hearing it!!!


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