Gloucester docks…Just the briefest bit of an internet search and you’ll learn its Britains furthest  inland dock…Its in the bloody Midlands!!!!!…….There is so much info on the internet I really can’t be arsed putting any more here, so I’ll just say that its recent regeneration is a triumph and if you can visit, you should visit….

I was extra lucky on my visit of the 11th, in that the weather was great, (for photography), and yet there was hardly anyone there. The ever generous Mrs SHPics, who was desperate for caffeine, allowed me a full half hour of shutter-bugging fun, before dragging me, kicking and screaming, in search of an espresso machine.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. Sue Southwell

    No sea but plenty of water around and I bet you had your thermals on to take these photos Not like Poujuca at all.


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