No..I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what ‘Fan Vaulting’ was either….but, I now know that the vaulted construction of  the cloister of Gloucester Cathedral is the oldest surviving example of it anywhere in the world…and it is BEAUTIFUL.

We stepped through a doorway, from the relative darkness of the Nave, to find the glorious spectacle of the late afternoon sun pouring through stained and leaded glass, into the Eastern Cloister that you can see above….Even I, God-less heathen that I am, was stopped in my tracks by the experience.

Similarly to yesterday, when I pointedly ignored telling you anything about Gloucesters docks, I’m not going to give you a pile of facts about Gloucesters Cathedral…If you want information the internet has got it in spades…but I will say that it is without doubt the most beautiful English Cathedral I have ever seen, and I’m big on Cathedrals.

If you can get to see it, then you really really must…..

Another view of the Eastern Cloister

The Northern Cloister


If you do want to find out more about this amazing building then a good place to start is:


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      My own exclamation was much the same, (though a little coarser),…..The whole Cathedral’s wonderful, but the cloister, particularly at that time, was so jaw-droppingly gorgeous I couldn’t quite get my head around it ….The photos are fine, I’m pleased with them, but they fall a long way short of the reality of walking through the Nave door and seeing the cloister for the first time.
      It really was breath-taking.


      1. Helen Cherry

        works for me..absolutely beautiful. I like the slightly more serious side to you.
        Actually I love the way blogging reveals different sides to those you follow closely 🙂

  1. ~mimo~

    This is just incredibly beautiful! I have visited so many cathedral and I love the architecture, but this is quite unique. You photographed it so well!


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