I woke this morning knowing I hadn’t a single shot I wanted to post…..Currently I’m just not in the mood for delving into the archives, so, I knew if I was going to post, I needed to shoot…Simple.

Consequently my camera bag’s been  swinging rakishly from my manly shoulders, for virtually all of what has been an incredibly busy day….So busy in fact that by 8.30 pm, when I finally pointed the charabanc back towards SHPics UK Headquarters, the camera had not once been extricated from the aforementioned bag…Result, Sore shoulder/No pics/Bad mood….

At such times one needs to throw caution to the winds, gird ones loins, grit ones teeth, throw caution to the winds, (sorry, repeating myself), grab the bull by the horns, stroke the mystic rabbit and prepare oneself to face the photographers worse nightmare….THE NEED TO SHOOT A BLOODY SUNSET !!!!  AAAaaaaarGH!

Lets be honest, pictures of sunsets are like pictures of Madonna’s tits, the world has had enough of them…But what are you going to do? It’s 8.30 PM, the suns about to go down and you’re half a mile away from Edgbaston Reservoir, slap bang in the middle of Birmingham…..


Or nothing?

At least it was a pretty one…

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


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