Now I know you think I’m being rude, but I’m not……These shots are of ‘Bumble Hole’, specifically Cobbs Engine House  next to the Netherton Canal Tunnel in ‘Bumble Hole’….

I shot them today… in really nasty weather…. and, surprise surprise, they looked utterly crap…..Crap in colour and even crappier in Black and White..Crappity, crappity, crap!

But, I’d promised myself I was going to post new shots today….so I was pretty much stuck with them…..

Hence the title ‘Messing with the Bumble Hole’.

‘Messing’, is of course a technical term for the careful application of finely honed, scientific photographic processing principles, some of which involve years of study,  …In this particular case, I tossed a coin and it came up heads so I stripped’em back to Black and White and then randomly daubed in some colour dollops…..

I’m almost pleased with the first, ambivalent on the second, and hate the third (and its nasty fake tilt-shift effect) with a vengeance…..

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      ‘Hate with a Vengeance!!!!!’…You’re telling me you hate one of my pix with a vengeance?????
      Thats fighting talk Cherry!
      Couldn’t you have managed a ‘You’re being far too hard on yourself dear boy’, or a ‘There’s some really positive aspects to that shot’, or even, ‘No, I Love It!’…Couldn’t you? Not even for me?
      Once again the Photomaniac reduces Mr SHPics to tears……


      1. Helen Cherry

        I dooooo like to get you going! I actually love the composition of both shots… which is why I said I’d like to see nearer to the original!! I love that you have included the canal, (well I adore canals anyway) because it gives a great sense of the scale of the building… there 😀

  1. Rob

    Although I agree the last image looks a bit weird I really like the first two, especially the first shot which is wonderfully framed by the canal.


      1. marinachetner

        nooo, i have bigger plans for you Mr Bowie. Think of the movies, Beetlejuice and Alice in Wonderland. These are scenes not unlike those of Tim Burton’s films 🙂

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