Mortified? Why mortified?…..Well I’ll tell ya…..There’s no parking in Mordiford  village, or close to the medieval bridge, so getting there  involves a bit of a walk. This wouldn’t normally be a problem, but the usually patient Mrs SHPics was in dire need of caffeine, (something Mordiford doesn’t seem to have heard of), so was consequently  champing at the bit to get to Hereford…..We were both mortified when, after the footslog from distant lay-by to photo-opportunity land,  I realised my camera was without SD card……

Credit where its due, the somewhat grim-faced Mrs SHPics remained calm, while I scuttled off, tail between my legs,  to fetch one from the charabanc, and still allowed me a full twenty minutes of snapping time before finally losing it, grabbing me by the short hairs and dragging me off.

Mordiford is one of those villages that you tend to drive through…never bothering to stop…The bridge which is pretty ancient and rather wonderful, is beyond the edge of  the village itself and most people, (if they stop anywhere), will stop there.

I’m glad I had a closer look….Just wish I’d had a flask of coffee.


On a practical note…regular readers will know that I’m probably the most unfortunate blogger in existence when it comes to getting internet connections while I’m travelling..This trip is no exception.

May 18 Nothing!! Zero!! Nada!! Zilch!!, May 19 I got online for a good 8 mins and JUST managed to post, and today, if you’re reading this, I’ve also managed to piggy-back a signal but I guarantee it won’t last for long enough to reply to anyone kind enough to have commented….

I’ll be back in SHPics headquarters tomorrow and first order of the day will be to catch up with the blogosphere. In the meantime ‘Hi everybody, sorry for not replying, please forgive me’………

All images copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

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