Now if you were paying attention you’ll know that we started our camping trip close to the river Severn…Unfortunately, we soon surmised that indigenous tribespeople had spent the previous weeks doing  raindances, and 24 hours in we were somewhat more than moist…. so, showing our true mettle, we slid from under the tarpaulin, braced ourselves against the driving rain, and headed a few miles south, to where the weather was supposed to be clement.

Hurrah! Once esconced on the banks of the river Wye we found ourselves under dry skies and basking in the balmiest temperatures…The sun was out and the whole world was bursting with colour. Greens and golds and reds and yellows and blues and….well you get the picture.

Or rather you dont……

I’ve had one of my rare Black and White moods…I don’t know why….There are colour shots to come, but for some reason I’ve had to post the B&W’s first.


The Screaming Tree..

This one seemed a little happier…

I’ve said before how much I hate rape…but in B&W I find I rather like it!

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Oh strewth Helen………it’s not enough to ‘hate my pics with a vengeance’, now my subconscious mind is in for a kicking !!
      (Actually virtually all of my mind is subconscious, certainly the bits that work, 🙂 )…


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