I know it’s no excuse, and that if I’m going to blog I should blog properly, but once again SHPics Headquarters is in a state of organised chaos…..The logistical brain of the supreme planner Mrs SHPics is operating at full capacity as she shouts out instructions…Do this!’ ‘Do that!’, ‘Get this!’, ‘Get that!’……..The reason for the frenzy? We’re off to camp…Again!

The sun is still shining and prospects are good for the weekend…..Two sunny weekends in succession? In England when that happens, you really need to get your arse into gear and capitalise, so we are shoving spare knickers into bags, fillingย  hip-flasks with happy juice, deciding between anti-perspirant or nose-pegs, (always a tough call), and charging camera batteries for a good couple of days of dawn to dusk shooting…It’s hell now, but tomorrow it might just be worth it!

Here are the final shots from last weeks camp.. A very mixed bag.

And to finish off a couple of shots which are a bit of a departure for me…My idea of ‘Wildlife’ usually involves girls with bad teeth and tattoos mud-wrestling, but I was quite pleased with these.

A swan being all swan-like, and a duck on a mission……Where is that mallard off to?

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. AJ

    I agree – summer is a tough time for sitting indoors on a computer… but a great time for taking beautiful pictures – good job!


  2. marinachetner

    That’s a winning last shot! Camping? I thought I was low maintenance but I… could never… camp ! I’m sure you’ll bring back some great photos! Enjoy, with a glass of vino ๐Ÿ˜‰


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hiya Marina….
      MRS SHPics carries her high maintenance with her like a badge of honour, wether there is a roof or a tarpaulin over her head…..
      Its quite surprising how luxurious ‘SHPics Mobile-Camp’ can be utilising only two pieces of waterproof plastic and a plastic handled shovel.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I admit the shots were relaxed in the execution….but posting took less than a minute or two……
      A working balance but not the best…I usually titivate and spell check for at least an hour…


  3. scillagrace

    Beautiful! Noticing the power lines in the first sunset shot made me a bit sad…you know how I like to escape from the modern world. Enjoy your camping trip! Celebrating the sun is well worth it.


  4. Helen Cherry

    I DO hope that’s not a rapeseed field in the last shot !! which is absolutely brilliant incidently ! Photography is so often about seizing the moment isn’t it and you certainly did ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I did everything I could to persuade my pal the duck, that the field next door, (gloriously un-raped), would make for a better photo…… he thought I was quackers!
      (drum roll)

      Would you believe I followed him for a good 3 minutes….Just couldnt focus on the little blighter..every time I had him crisp in the lens he’d flap off another few feet…..Couldn’t remember how to turn my lens back to AF…Der!


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