Intrepid explorers everywhere take note…….When risking life and limb in the wild, there are a few things you simply can’t do without.

Gingham tablecloths, with matching gingham picnic throws…Many is the time that these have made the difference between life and death.

Serviettes, (in these conditions dribble can freeze on your chin).

A good cruet set, (damp salt is another killer).

Linghams Chilli Sauce..Take note, ONLY Linghams will do! No self-respecting back-woodsman would be seen dead without it.

Alcohol…..Note, glasses must be large and flat-bottomed…I’ve yet to find a bubbles flute with sufficient machismo.

Industrial sized wine container, (bottles are for girls)…..I’d have shown ours but I didn’t have a wide angle lens…

And remember….ITS TOUGH OUT THERE!!!   Even following these guidelines I still found a money spider in my pants….Thank all of the Gods,  the resourceful Mrs SHPics was there with an upturned mug and a sheet of paper……….(She can be hired for the weekend, Friday through to Monday, for a reasonable fee….She comes with her own bed-linen, food pouch and Kalashnikov….Alcohol is at the discretion of the hirer).

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


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