We struck camp  at around ten o’clock this morning as rain was looking imminent…as it happens, it never appeared, but SHPics Headquarters was unmanned, and we felt that a return to grim reality could no longer be avoided… At least having my own luvverly internet connection means I can post some of the shots taken over the last couple of days in the wilderness……Malvern does not do wifi!!!!

It’s a surprising little place. I’ve been many times but each time I go I find something I’d never seen before.

Up to now, I’d always managed to miss the nymph in the throes of a bad hair century that heads this post…(Give her a trim and I reckon she’d be quite a looker, but that really is one hell of a Barnet). She spends her time pouring Malvern spring water into a stone basin and is quite happy if you stop for a swig… Prospective suitors will find her at the top of the town…(I don’t think she gets around much).

I also had a shufti around the railway station, which is about as sexy as a railway station can be. Moorish arches, floral pillars, bright paint and smoky glass, drop dead gorgeous!! They even have the occasional train stopping there…What more could you ask for?

In addition to these wonders, I also spent at least three hours everyday getting totally lost on public footpaths which never seem to go where they’re supposed to…I’m going to save the ‘country side’ shots for another day, but…


…..though I spent the majority of the daylight hours without a clue where I was going, (or in fact where I’d been), I did manage to find my way back to camp in time to chuck half an animal on the fire and take a few sunset pics while the skin crisped up, and I’ve included a few of those…



And…Because I promised you a mixture, here is a cow that I didn’t manage to barbecue….

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

  1. scillagrace

    Love the sunburst!! And 3pm at the station. The cow cracks me up…it’s as if you were a peeping Tom behind some bush and she was absolutely aware of (and not at all amused by) your presence…


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      She is, you’re right, though it’s a pity she’s not a Ginger….Those Pre-Raphaelite boys did love their Gingers..
      Her name is Malvinha and she was actually knocked up by the artist Rose Garrard in 1998 as part of an arts project to feature all of the areas natural water fountains/springs…On this trip I only saw her, and one other piece called Enigma in the centre of the town….maybe I’ll delve a bit deeper if I’m there again.


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