The cow shit thing really is a problem when you’re walking the English country-side with a camera super-glued to your face..If you’re like me you tend to focus on the middle distance and snap on the hoof, checking the screen as you go to fine tune ideas and re-shoot the good stuff…All of which means you dont pay much attention to your feet..I counted the bridges, stiles and gates as I passed them on this rather wonderful walk, from Hanley Swan, to Malvern, and, (circuitously),back again, but I didn’t count how many times I found myself knee-deep in cow shit……But think double figures……definitely double figures…NOT NICE!

PLUS..I was in my much adored desert boots …regular readers know how much I love my desert boots…My newly shitty desert boots,(sob sob).

But enough of the upsetting aspect to this story…It takes more than 3 metric tonnes of cow shit dangling from my laces to stop me enjoying a photo-romp in this ‘green and pleasant land’…And this walk was both very green and very, very pleasant..

This, the best of the four, is what I meant by bridges…Not exactly the Golden Gate, and not the easiest thing to get onto in the first place.

But any bridge is a bonus when the alternative is wading.

Two versions of the same shot here….I rarely post-process shots into monochrome as I’m a bit ‘Up Myself’ and prefer to actually shoot in Black and White, but I really fancied seeing this tree in a monochrome sepia kinda’ way…I can’t really make up my mind about it…It seems a little busy in colour, but maybe works in an almost non-figurative way with the colours bleached out….I’m not sure..I’ll probably hate it tomorrow..C’est la vie!

And..while I’m on the subject of bleaching…..This was a cock up!! For some reason I’d wrongly set the film speed and shot this at 3200 asa with the white balance set to artificial light… so, surprise surprise, it came out ultra grainy and with a totally ape-shit colour cast.Β  I didn’t want to lose the frame altogether so fiddled around in photoshop to get this result..It’s another I’m not sure of, but hey, I do this for fun!

And finally…If anyone can explain this to me I’d be eternally grateful…A Weed-Killer path or some creative farmer trying out flag designs? Buggered if I know!

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


  1. scillagrace

    I’m totally intrigued by the golden path to the Gothic windows…it’s kinda like the yellow brick road to the Emerald City. The monochrome tree points up the amazing tendril branches, but what would happen if you blurred those background bushes or something to let them stand out even more? They’re very Medusa-esque, IMO. Gorgeous!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Throw away my desert boots!!!
      Are you mad woman?

      No..I simply stood them in the sun….(Cow shit bakes fairly quickly)..Then gave them a sharp smack with Mrs SHPics curling tongues, and the offending crust came away in one piece….. Consequently I now have a matching pair of scatological relief sculptures of my beloved boots which may well end up on SHPics Headquarters mantleshelf…Quite a conversation piece…


  2. Helen Cherry

    I’m quite sure you don’t mean MrsShpics curling tongues !! well I hope you don’t !. I cannot decide about the tree… I like them both. I rathwer like the bleached path with graininess..
    I see stripes of what seems like weedkiller round here too but no idea why either.. Thanks for the walk πŸ™‚


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      The curling tongues were the first thing to hand that had ‘safe-distance-shit-cracking’ potential..
      Anyway she’s growing her hair…A bit of natural fertiliser can’t be a bad thing…

      The good news is, the boots, though increasingly aromatic, will live to trudge another day..HurraH!

      The weedkiller thing is a conundrum…It just seems such a lazy way to make a path..Whats wrong with a scythe and a bit of back-breaking work? I thought farmers were made of sterner stuff.


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        I do hate being caught out like that!!!!
        I’ll put it down to tiredness, not ignorance. πŸ™‚

        I do think the image of her (admittedly rather long tongue, yes, just the one,) curling at its new usage rather fun….

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