A bit of a departure….

Okay, so the shot above is pretty standard SHPics fare…Chubby old photographer dislocates hip laying on cold stone floor to ‘get everything in’, & subsequently footles in photoshop to ‘gild the lily’…..

BUT…..this wonderful pair of windows in Malvern Priory by the stained glass artist Tom Denny (google him, you know it make sense!), really shouldn’t be embellished…They’re amazing!

Consequently, (told you it was a departure), here are some details straight from the SD card…untweaked, unfootled.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I think I need to start detailing when and if I use the dreaded PShop…..I know you wont believe me but looking back over the lasts months posts its been less than half of the shots (just) 🙂

      But yes..These are lovely aren’t they?
      I saw a couple of small windows by Tom Denny at Hereford Cathedral just a few weeks ago and really liked them ..but, these two really blew me away…I didnt even need to under-expose them to bring out the amazing richness of the colours….FAB!!


  1. scillagrace

    I’d love to know the stories he’s depicting. They don’t seem like the typical Biblical characters to me. (Don’t recall a stag in the Bible stories I heard!)


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