Moorhen chick in Hanley Swan. ‘ Ahhh, Ain’t she cute?’

Aaaaagh!!!!!  Do I need a bit of a shake up?????……

Photo output from SHPics land is in danger of  ‘Chocolate Box’ stagnation….Never mind all the cute little duckies, gambolling lambs & sad eyed calfs, the trouble with England when the weather is half decent is that its all very photogenic in a sweet’n’safe kinda way.

Trees leaf-flutter, rivers do sinuous little wiggles, hills and fields roll about the place performing all manner of teasing coquettry….You just dont know where to stick your lens next.


So in the next couple of days I’m gonna clear out the recent archive and put plans into motion to get back to summat gritty!!….What that’s gonna be, I don’t know …..but if I shoot another pastoral scene I think I might blow my bloody brains out..

So…Time to clean out the clutter!!!


Duckie and Heron…Also Hanley Swan…….Quick pass me a rifle…

Grass blowing in the wind……Aaaaargh!…Sick bucket….NOW!

Ledbury..bedecked with Jubilee flags…How quaint..

(I’m with the French).

Walled garden Ledbury, there weren’t even any drunks here!!…..What good’s a municipal garden without a few wino’s?   Aaaagh!!!!

Oh…I need factories…I need filth……..I need dirt and squalour……..AND I NEED THEM NOW!!!!

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde. (But don’t hold it against me).


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I liked ’em when I took ’em but lookin’ back at ’em last night I did find them a little bit too saccharine……….
      I ask myself a question when this happens…
      ‘Who’d like this shot the most? Jane Asher or Genghis Khan?’
      I can’t kid myself….Jane would always be polite, but Genghis? Gengis would have told me EXACTLY what he thought of that duck photo…


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        You’re right!!
        The Genghis/Jane test does tend to ignore the middle-ground……….I will incorporate an Alan Titchmarsh phase in the evaluation process from this point on..

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I’ve slept on it!!!!!
      I DO make a fuss don’t I?
      I enjoyed taking ALL of the shots from the last couple of weeks…I really ought to calm down a bit!!
      (I’ve always been a bit of a Drama Queen…In a macho kinda way of course).
      To put your mind at rest I’d never machine gun a heron or put a bullet into a duckie…
      I just fancy a bit of a change…….
      So I probably ought to get on with it instead of having a girly-fit and throwing my toys out of my pram……..Silly old sod!


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