I know…….It’s been done a thousand times…..But, not by me.

Basically I’m going through a period of  ‘Snappers Block’…it’s like writers block but less intelligent….Instead of staring thoughtfully at a blank sheet of paper, pondering character and motivation, you just wander around, breathing through your mouth, with 2 kilos of camera around your neck, bumping into things…

Yesterday I bumped into Mrs SHPics wearing nothing but a smile, and, sad old muppet that I am, my thoughts were photographic not pornographic..

Given the total lack of anything more creative spouting from my addled pate, this is what you’re getting.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde


  1. scillagrace

    I think it’s pretty cool, too. Something like one of those optical illusions (profiles of two guys with bulbous noses?) or a Rorschach test. Can I not mention how jealous I am of her lovely, slender waist? Okay, good.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Cool is good…..
      However, yesterdays leprosy comment, and todays parallel between Mrs SHPics’s finely honed torso and some old geezer with a beard and a rum-drinkers schnozzle, had her retrieving a well sharpened axe from the shed and booking flights to Wisconsin……Thank heavens for that waist comment, that you did/didnt make, or your days would be numbered…….


  2. scillagrace

    Hey, I know that she’s a naturally gorgeous woman. The unnatural leprosy and geezer parts aren’t coming from me, mind you! Maybe you should be hiding that axe from her yourself! 😉


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