I really enjoyed a series of blogs featuring shots from Cambodia by Mimo Khair…(The address is at the foot of the page)… So I decided to have a look back at some of the ‘people’ shots that I took on my last trip there.

I usually shoot in RAW but we were travelling for a month by motorbike so storage was a major issue..Consequently all of the shots I took were jpegs and I’ve kicked myself ever since….Why Oh Why Oh Why didn’t I just buy a handful of extra sd cards….Jpegs really are the pits!!

Still, no good crying over spilt pixels…..

Even in jpeg format these shots evoke amazing memories of a beautiful country and its incredible people…I hope you like them.

All images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

You can check out Mimo’s blog at this address…     http://mimokhairphotography.com/

  1. ~mimo~

    fantastic Stuart! I think the quality of pixels us so secondary to the content. And you captured so much of the magic of life in Cambodia. I can’t wait to see more


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hey Mimo…I’m REALLY glad you like some of these….The quality issue is only really an issue if you need to print so you’re absolutely right..’Content is King’…
      I miss the control that raw gives in processing, but I am enjoying having a closer look at these shots…


  2. Helen Cherry

    Great, great shots Stuart.. such faces …ahhh .. I only shoot in RAW now too but jeepers they take up a hell of a lot of room and of course take way longer to process.. well they do if you’re indecisive like me !


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I hate computer gear even more than I hate camera gear but seperate hard drives for raw files are manna from heaven……Safe and cheap…
      Luckily I’m NEVER indecisive..At least I don’t think I am…Not often anyway….Maybe sometimes…I’m not sure…????????


      1. Helen Cherry

        after my scare when I thought my computer had died.. I have pretty much everything double backed up… but I’m not naturally organised sadly…

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