The trouble with dipping into archives is you find shots you’ve never really looked at….I came back from Cambodia with in excess of 9500 images, and, though at the time, I viewed them to pick out the obvious keepers, there were a heck of a lot that simply didn’t strike a chord, or that didn’t work with the ‘in camera’ crop.

The shot above is an example…In its original form it was portrait format, with the figures occupying only the bottom right quarter of the frame. It really didn’t have a great deal of impact and though I’d registered at the time, that of the four or five shots I took of this brother and sister, this was the most engaging, I’d never felt that bothered about examining it more closely.

So… going back to archives is a risky business…You look at things differently, the shots you picked then are not necessarily the shots you’d pick now, and, before you know what you’re doing you’re lost amongst  images which you simply can’t bear to leave unexamined. Once you’re in you can’t get out!



I really don’t want to be posting old photos on SHPics…The reason I started the blog was to get me into the discipline of shooting everyday, but, and I know I’m risking boring you with this, for the last week I simply can’t get my photography brain to work…so, the silver lining in the ‘lost in the archives’ cloud, is that at least I can post some shots which I’ve never had time to consider.

So I’m going to run with this for a couple of days..All shots from Cambodia, but with the exception of yesterdays shots and the first few of todays, I’m not going to stick to a theme…. just process’em and post’em, pretty much as I find’em, and, if you could see the chaos my file system is in… you’ll realise this could be a bit of a choss..

Ah well….Never mind, maybe they’ll help me get my mojo back….


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

      1. scillagrace

        Her expression is not posed, more ambiguous, a slight wrinkle in her brow, the feeling of shyness and hiding…avoiding “cute” altogether, and illustrating authenticity.

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Once again, you take the words out of my head, jumble’em up ‘Scilla–Styleee’ and put them in the right order….
        I reckon I should take the photos and you should write what I think about’em…

      3. scillagrace

        I’d be cool with that! Articulating is a writer’s challenge, but I like how it makes me really pay attention. Not that it’s necessary. I just find it fun!

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Helen….You’re a very bad influence………
      I should be out there, in the thick of it, dodging bullets, shutter finger poised to record the world as it happens…Not sat like some tubby old ‘Has-Been’ titivating former glories in my centrally heated flop..

      Though I’m glad you like’em… and it IS raining outside and I DO have a bit of a sniffle and Mrs SHPics IS making curry and there IS a photoshop trick I fancy trying and I HAVE just found some more shots I’d forgotten about……


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