The more observant of you will remember that yesterday I expressed an intent to post these Cambo shots willy-nilly, a far-eastern scatter-gun assault of un-themed pixel matter.

What a load of cobblers that has turned out to be.

These were all taken at breakfast time in Phnom Penh’s labyrinthian Russian market.

McDonalds it ain’t……But Oh!! What a happy meal!!

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hi Scilla
      SHPics does photos…History is not his forte….
      However, I’ve Wiki’d for ya cuz I like ya! Do not expect this level of service to become the norm………. 😉
      ‘Psar Toul Tom Poung’ is the Cambo name….It got called the Russian Market after the Vietnamese (Russian funded/supplied/advised) occupied the city in 79….
      Lesson over, where’s my camera?


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Well, its a good job that in this instance I was prepared to accept your laziness and Wiki it on your behalf…….
      I went there in search of soup, not knowledge.

      In fact…That could serve well as the new SHPics motto…

      ‘Soup not knowledge……..Images not instruction’


      Ah, but food……Lovely, lovely food….
      If I cant be eating it or photographing it, then talking about it will just about keep me sane til the next morsel of delight…


      1. Helen Cherry

        You should try it… toast, no butter but a little marmite (good for the diet) followed by heinz beans ( they have to be heinz) Deliciooooous!!!

      2. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        I am on my way to the kitchen, having already informed Mrs SHPics (who will try anything once), what is on the agenda…She is insisting on a thin smear of unsalted and I am not prepared to argue…..
        If we live to tell the tale I will be giving you marks out of ten.
        Fingers crossed…..

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