A couple of my blogging chums have picked up on my food pre-occupation, so, in choosing todays shots I have utilised the saliva test.

To whit:

  1. Look at photo for 25 seconds
  2. Check chin for dribble
  3. Dribble present…..Process photo
  4. Dribble absent……In the bin

It’s impossible to walk the Cambodian streets without being permanently sssssss’alivating…Never mind all that ‘5 a day’ nonsense, vegetables here let out little squeaks as you walk by, “Eat me…Eat me”.

And, as for the non-vegetable stuff, I’m from the suck-it-and-see school of experience….spiders/ants/bollocks/sparrows……you name it I tried it, and I’m here to tell the tale.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Heavens woman…..toast/beans/marmite/crispy duck……I hope you know a good plumber.
      Oh and the bean/marmite thing..
      Mrs SHPics 2 out of 10.
      SHPics 6 out of 10.

      We’re going to stick to compartmentalisation..


  1. scillagrace

    Rows of vegetables in candy store colours…your photos might be able to entice an entire generation of Americans living in the urban food wastelands actually to try something fresh! Makes you re-think who has the economic disadvantage…


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Funny thing…Mrs SHPics and I have just returned form the supermarket…Huge/state of the art/underground parking/creche/restaurant/electronics/furniture..you name it its got it…
      Apart from a good selection of fresh seasonal produce..
      That was crap with a capital shite…
      Thats progress for ya!


  2. Sreeja

    Awesome Photographs Stuart! :))

    I have always wanted to do street photography like this… but I’m always shy to take photographs of people… i don’t know if I should ask them (then may be they’ll become stiff or just say a no) Or just click (which can lead to invasion of privacy). What do you do? I really need help here :))


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Tough question Sreeja….In my experience it very much depends on where you are and to a certain extent who you are….
      In the far east…I’ve shot in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Malaysia…the people tend to view any tall western fair haired males as strange alien beings, and given that I wander around with a huge daft cheesy grin all of the time, I’m sure most of them think I’m a nutter….The fact that I’m taking photos often seems irrelevant to any interaction that takes place..When on occasion, the fact that I’ve taken a shot becomes apparent, I find people love to see the screen on the back of the camera, (lots of people in countries like the ones I mention rarely see themselves… It’s worth mentioning that once you start showing screen shots you can pretty much forget get any further shots as people become very self conscious and ‘naturalness’ goes out of the window, but, the experience of laughing people crowding round your camera can be fantastic). 🙂
      In the far east I can count on one hand times when I’ve got the impression that people object to my pointing a camera at them..A big smile really does go a long way…
      It’s a very different story in western cultures..In fact I rarely shoot ‘street’ in western cultures as I find its a bit of a minefield, particularly as a male..Unfortunately, and there has been a marked increase in this attitude since the internet has become such a force, lots of people seem to think the distance between ‘male photographer’ and ‘pervert’ is a slight one…….
      The big smile/no subterfuge approach is still best, but people do often seem to resent any photographic intrusion…
      These days a lot of the best street photographers I’m aware of seem to be female, as attitudes to a woman with a camera are far more forgiving…A bit of an indictment of the times..

      On a seperate tangent, a lot of street photograhers go the easy route and simply use really really long lenses…You can get some great ‘candid’ results that way..

      The best advice is to simply stay sensitive to your surroundings…9 times out of 10 you will be able to judge whether someone is likely to object to you shooting…Markets are a great place to start, because anyone who has worked on a market will have experienced people taking their photos before…and remember ‘keep smiling’…..it always works!


  3. Sreeja

    Thanks a Lot Stuart!! Coming from India, and living in USA, I know exactly what you mean… I’ll keep your advice in mind… I’m sure this will help me a lot! :))


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