Some subjects are so photogenic that they really have been done to death.. The world quite simply doesn’t need any more photos of steam trains, ruddy faced Casey Jones style loco-jockeys and cheeky-chappie conductor characters.

Why are conductors always cheeky-chappies? Is it a stipulation on the application form?

Are they told:

‘Yes, the jobs yours, as long as you can do a combined impersonation of George Formby, Arthur Askey and Norman Wisdom at the same time as you throw a fare dodger from a speeding carriage?’….I reckon so !

But I digress…

Yes, there’s already FAR too many of this type of photo, so I won’t be even remotely offended if you ignore this bunch completely. Luckily these traditional type trainy shots are the last from my days shooting in the Peaks, so tomorrow will be different.

Don’t be fooled….He’s only smiling cuz the train just hit a baby buggy.

Someone needs to cleanse and moisturise.

Casey Jones of the Peaks..A man obviously in love with his job.



All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. Lemony (Gr)Egghead

    Beautiful images. There is something about the quality (not to mention the style, of course) of your photographs that I just don’t see anywhere else! The rich colors, the clarity with a certain kind of smoothness to the image (how do you do that?!–your subjects looks so incredibly vivid to me), your unique compositions–all wonderful stuff, and very inspiring.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Thats really very kind of you Melanie….I have tried to get a ‘look’ to my shots for a while now..picking subjects and viewpoints that i know I can treat in a certain way, both in camera and in processing..To some extent i think thats why I’m going through a bit of a creative block as I dont know where to go next…Good in one way..shite in another..ha ha 🙂
      Thanks so much for the encouragement. I’m shooting loads at the moment but nothing is currently working for me……But I’ll keep plugging away…Soething is bound to happen soon.


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