Dont you just hate it when…your wife/husband/partner (delete as applicable), who does not profess to be a photographer, takes a picture which absolutely blows all of the shots you have taken completely out of the water??????

No…Nor me, not really!

The incredibly accomplished, ace all-rounder, Mrs SHPics, took the above shot at the Harmony Farm orphanage & school in Beng Melea. The NGO was run (on a shoe-string) by a local businessman and, if ever you visit Cambodia and trek out to the Beng Melea temple, you should go in and leave some cash towards the running costs..’Nuff said!

I took this during the same geography lesson…Not bad, but Mrs SHPics wins the coconut.

Oh…and talking of coconuts, there were plenty to choose from.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I consider myself the straight man to Helen’s lunatic….
      A sort of Dean/Jerry-esque kinda dynamic…I’m good looking, suave, a little bit wry, whereas Helen is more of the gibbering idiot…..


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        I thought I’d managed to sneak that one under your radar…..
        In my defence, I was trying to be kind…My first thought was Cannon and Ball, followed closely by Little and Large….
        Dean and Jerry seemed a better call for both of us.

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