The weather is still atrocious……The only way I could shoot today was by going right into the trees with a carrier bag around the camera. Still, adversity can make you think a little more…….

These were very much experimentation:

I stopped the camera down to F26, used an iso of 50, (soopa-slo), and shot using a remote release from the tripod with exposures ranging from 3 seconds up to 11 seconds…I also messed around with moving the camera slightly for the last little bit of the exposure to see what blur effects I could get…Ninety percent of what I shot was unmitigated shite, but these few kinda tickled my fancy..

Still a few shots to look through on the big screen so maybe a few more tomorrow….We’ll have to see.

These all really benefit from clicking to view larger…

Oh……I’ve been humming ‘A Forest’ by the Cure ever since.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Generally the 80’s were dire……
      Little hiccups of wonder but mostly musical indigestion….
      I remember this song because of a failed romance……Probably one of the best reasons to remember a song…..Succesful romances seem to go hand in hand with awful songs….
      Glad you like the shots Scillabubba.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Yeah…narrower the fstop, slower the iso, the longer the exposure you can use, so it let me get something nice and crispy but gave me enough time to move the camera (very) slightly, right at the end of the exposure, to get a partial blur or ‘ghost’ effect…Very hit and miss but fun when it works….
      Its a good way to shoot waterfalls (without camera movement of course) as you can get the scene crisp but it allows time for the water to go smooth and silky….


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