Another dark and blurry image from the heart of the wood. This one was a relatively short exposure of three seconds as it had got pretty windy and I didnt want everything to blur. I gave the camera a shove just before the shutter closed……I’ve also cheated and accentuated the edge blur in Pshop….

Whereas the shot above is pretty much  ‘out of the box’….

while this one is isn’t……..

I’ve noticed that when I’m in a rut regarding ‘what to photograph’, it can be a good idea to photograph the obvious ‘normal suspects’, but maybe just changing my approach a little…These shots, and the ones I posted yesterday, are never going to be favourites but they’ve at least got me thinking…..A step in the right direction.

Like yesterday, these all very much benefit from viewing larger… so giv’em a click, make an old man happy!

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. scillagrace

    Larger is definitely a different experience…kind of like surround sound. Reminds me of those wallpapers from the 70s that would let you cover an entire wall with a nature-scape. I would happily rent a room papered in that third shot! (for a while, anyway, then I’d probably want a change of scene)


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I stayed in a hotel a few years ago that had walls just like that…New York skyline one one wall, oceanscape with whale tail on a second and forest scene on third……OMG…….I think it was supposed to be quirky but it was almost enough to tip one as sensitive as I into full blown insanity…..


  2. marinachetner

    I love your shots – I’m learning what can be done with a shove of a camera. Cool! And as scillagrace mentions, I think my parents had such a wall paper but it was of bricks (not a nature scape). maybe you could bring the fad back?


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Brick wallpaper is a funny one isn’t it ??
      My grandmother had a wall of brick wallpaper……. my Grandad used to mutter (under his breath):
      “Shoulda just chipped the bloody plaster off”…..


  3. scillagrace

    Oh, yeah, we had an entryway that had a raised plastic fake-brick wall in our house in California. Adds a bit of texture to the wallpaper idea and that extra quality that screams “cheap!”.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Funnily enough I’ve given summat floral very serious thought recently….
      But,hand on heart, my current lens isnt really up to it…I’ve sold all of my old prime non AF lenses, (Currently just have my Sigma 18/250 AF lens as it’s a do-it-all), as I’m scraping together the cash for a Nikon ultra-wide 10-24mm..
      Though the 18/250 is an excellent compromise do-it-all, anything macro-ish that requires tight DOF is a bit beyond it..
      But I simply have to have the Nikon ultra-wide….The others had to go..
      I WILL buy a macro at some point but the ultra-wide comes first…..I dream about it at night…We are meant for each other…


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