All three of todays shots were taken within 10 feet of each other on a disused dockside. I thought the shapes were quite interesting, but the colours were dull, dull, dull…… God they were dull……Duller than the dullest dull…..DUUUUUUUULLLLLLL !!

But, they were all I’d got… and sometimes, sticking with an image where the colour’s contributing sweet F.A., can be liberating. Coz if you don’t like it…you can change it.

The first two shots only feature the naturally occurring colours, but selective boosting and saturation, injected a much needed bit of warmth…With the third I went a bit bananas, stripping out all of the existing colour and, using a right old mish-mash of  layers and filters, hand painted in some alternative tones…

All of these benefit from viewing at higher resolution so giv’em a click

Oh and there’s good news and much celebration at SHPics headquarters….Photo-adventures are planned for the weekend….Yippeeeeee!

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      There’s something about steps………
      I’m not sure if this flight go up or go down……….When I took’em I thought they went up, but looking back at the shot it seems a little scary so maybe they go the other way..(cue cellos and maniacal laughter)…


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