The SHPics roadshow hit Liverpool pretty damn early this morning…..

Whats the first thing you have to do when you wash up in the ‘Pool?

The fry up…It’s obligatory….So we decided on ‘The Hole In The Wall’…

Energised but somewhat heavier around the middle we then did a little sightseeing.

Regular readers will no doubt have gathered this post is a rush job…..I’ve downloaded/processed and posted in 35 mins…Hopefully tomorrow will be a bit more relaxed.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. elverbo

    Nice pictures. I love how everything fits together naturally in the first one. The only one i dislike is the last one. It looks like “too much hdr” in my humble opinion.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hey there..thanks so much for the comment and I like to hear ANY opinion, negative just as much as positive…:-)
      I know what you mean about the HDR type look..That last shot is very artificial looking though it isnt HDR..I can’t use any HDR processing, (boo hoo, my knackered old laptop doesnt have the right graphics card so will not handle Photoshops HDR effects at all), so I do everything using single frames and individual controls..Satuaration, colour balance, clarity, sharpening etc…
      But, however I did it, that shot of the Liver Building is a definite case of a ‘Subtlety Alert ‘.


  2. elverbo

    I see. I´m just a begginer so don’t take my comments very seriously. Sometimes when I´m editing my eyes get used to bright and saturated colours and as a result, if you let your eyes rest for a while and take a look at the same picture after 10 minutes you feel like “what the hell did I do with this picture?” hahaha. I wished my shots looked half as good as yours. Keep up the good work 🙂


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