you hate it………………..

I’d never seen it before except in photos, and we all know that photos can be shite…but, now having witnessed it ‘in the concrete’, I absolutely LOVE it !

It’s Liverpools Metropolitan Cathedral, and, should you need enlightenment, you’ll find loads of information about it simply by googling Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral…It’s easy !!

This blog is simply to show you how scrumptiously gorgeous it is in a totally none cathedrally sorta’ way and, (as is my want), has no information whatsoever….zero…nada….zilch…..Sometimes I scare myself I’m so radical !!

So..Yes..Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral…In the rain…..Yesterday…..

It’s a door…A big’un…

It’s another door….

Yes..You’ve guessed it…It’s a window.

It’s a big pointy bit, hiding behind some glass..

Peep-Oh……There you are !

This glass stuff’s pretty crap for hiding…I can see you again !

Yes….I should give up if I were you !

Now you’re reflected in that building over there…Isn’t glass a bastard?

Thank heavens…Lovely, LOVELY concrete…You’re too gorgeous to hide !

There will be probably be more pix of Liverpool over the next few days, I’ve taken a shed load…but I really was blown away by the L.M.C. so it gets its own post. I can do that…I’m in charge !

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. scillagrace

    Wow! This is totally unlike anything I’d ever imagined an English cathedral to be, even a Catholic one. Very cool, art-wise, and probably quite controversial.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Hey Scill-Meister,
      The Liverpudleians call it ‘Paddy’s Wigwam’ …….(as you say, it’s R.C.)….. 🙂
      I get the impression that the controversy has faded over the years…(controversy does that doesn’t it? 🙂 ), but certainly brows were very furrowed when it first appeared, especially when it started to leak and fall apart in its first winter….The architect was soundly sued…..
      It is gorgeous though isn’t it?
      Like a Sputnik pancake!


  2. Helen Cherry

    Wow, wow and treble wow.. and that’s just for your new gravatar picture Stuart 😉
    These are mighty fine photographs but I still haven’t forgiven you for being in Liverpool!
    However I may consider it if you keep posting photos like these !
    Love the blueness of the window shot


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      A treble wow….Wow !
      There is more Liverpool to come..At least I hope there is, I haven’t looked through the SD cards yet….
      I’m planning on a Mersey themed post as long as I remembered to take the lens cap off..


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