You were promised  more shots from our weekend in Liverpool.

SHPics is a man of his word.

‘Et Voila…Liverpool, Part Two’

Mrs SHPics was born here, (though nowaday’s you can’t tell..She’s frequently sober, hasn’t tried to pick my pocket since before we were married and doesn’t have a voice that sounds  like a cat being put through a liquidiser)….

Obviously she’s not been back for a real visit for years….

A trip on the Mersey ferry was towards the top of the list of her ‘must-do’s’…We caught the Royal Iris, a boat she remembered from when she was a young hoodlum, studying pre-school street crime and obtaining liquorice with violence. The sun was shining, and it was all rather wonderful as we climbed aboard and a man with cotton wool in his ears cast off the mooring rope…..OH MY GOD….Only then did the speakers start blaring the strangled, discordant warblings of ‘Gerry & The Pacemakers’ and  “Ferry ‘Cross The Mersey”…..NO ESCAPE !!!!!     AAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!

Life raft and flotation device….Grown men were fighting over these as the music started….

The Captain considers ending it all…’Gerry & The Bloody Pacemakers’ for the millionth time.

Hurrah..Maybe the engine room has toasted the last remaining Gerry & The Pacemakers CD !

As the speakers go quiet the seagulls send a scout..Is it safe to return?

Some are still too traumatised…”You’re not going to stick that bloody song back on are ya?”

Luckily it soon became apparent that they only play ‘Nasal Gerry & The Ruddy Awful Pacemakers’ when the boat docks and sails from the front of the Liver Building…Docking procedures on the opposite bank are blisfully silent…Heaven..

Seacombe Dock…..Silence is Golden.

More rafts….I think they actually expect people to throw themselves off.

Or keel-haul themselves…..

Or a simple old fashioned noose-based suicide…(Thats the Liver building in the background with its promise of more ‘Gerry & The Bastard Pacemakers’)..

A pilot boat is never far away…….to pick up survivors..

Surely it would just be easier to stop playing that bloody song…..

What do you mean, “What bloody song?”…

This bloody song……YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED !!!

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. Helen Cherry

    The song is a bit of a sickener but as Liverpool supporter I’m rather fond of the accent… I love the story you are telling with these photos Stuart…great fun and the seagull is class!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Trouble is, you take one pic of a seagull then they all want a tern..
      (Its a Liverpool joke…dont blame me).

      Glad you like’em…I didn’t want to split them over more than one post but I’m not sure how many folks will have the patience to go through the lot..
      Thanks Helen..


      1. Helen Cherry

        When you write so wittily inbetween I’d say most people will 🙂 .. I am sooooooo behind with my blog reading and comments .. it’s hard to keep up

      2. Helen Cherry

        I’ve done todays!! ..okay it’s a minute after 12! it’s set up for later.. No more tennis ones for a while… back to a bit of architecture.. now I’m off to bed.. g’night!

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