If you don’t get the post title it probably means that you’re desperately un-fashionable and middle-aged….(like me).

This used to be ‘The Spotted Dog’ on the corner of Meriden and Bordesley street in Digbeth, Birmingham, and thirty something years ago myself and a smattering of other spiky haired, overcoat wrapped, chelsea booted, Proto-Indies used to wash up here on a Tuesday night for a very badly run live music night…

Back then, as a musician, it was actually quite cool to be depressed, (even Bowie had gone black and white), and all my memories are in shades of grey…….. so …………seeing the building like THIS was a headspinner.


Worth a visit for the outside alone.

Among the artists that have contributed to painting on the outside of the pubs walls are Mac 1, Juice 126, Tempo 33, Ouch!, N4T4 and Philth. Sorry if I’ve missed any names but web based info is scarce, and the (cute) girl I grabbed as she went through ‘Door 21’ probably thought I was a weirdo so I didn’t grill her too hard….

Just walking by makes you dance.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

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    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Thanks very much for the mention…Really glad you like the shots….I’ve posted some more Digbeth street art since, and still have a bit more to post over the coming days..
      I can’t get over how much amazing art there is in such a relatively small area.


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