I took these shots yesterday while I was waiting for the barbecue to settle down…(End of July and only the second barby of the year !!!………….This time last year SHPics had burnt its own little hole in the ozone layer we were firing up the coals so often)…

If anyone knows what the plant in the top shot is give me a heads up…Previous years its just done some very boring alpiney kinda stuff, clinging to pebbles, keeping its leaves tightly wrapped and muttering in Swiss….This year its gone all alien on us, half a dozen foot long fleshy green upright tubey wotsits like septic babies arms sprouting the hungry looking flower heads in the pic…I swear it salivates whenever we walk by.

If it gets any bigger I’m on the phone to Sigourney.

Thank heavens not everything is quite so petrifying…

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. bulldogsturf

    Dang but that top one sure does look hungry.. I’d avoid it like the plague, the bottom looks far more friendly, actually quite cute… Hope you fire up the barby more often from now on…


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