Thank Heavens, I managed to sleep through most of (cue expensive trumpet fanfare) “THE OPENING CEREMONY” so didn’t have to actually watch a sizeable chunk of our income tax being wasted on a niche interest. However Mrs SHPics (who sometimes delights in cruelty), saw fit to elbow me in the ribs when that tired old Joan Bakewell look-alike was wheeled out and propped behind the piano to screech his excrutiating way through ‘Hey Jude’….How absolutely bloody awful it was!

In Liverpool recently I took an early wander down Mathew Street and so enjoyed seeing the Beatles behind bars…..It’s not too late….Please someone…Lock up McCartney and throw away the key!

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde




  1. bulldogsturf

    I have to assume you weren’t enthralled with the opening ceremony? never watched it… so can’t comment.. just glad its not my dollars.. Sorry but loved the beetles… but do agree with the lock up, some just don’t know when to retire…


  2. Helen Cherry

    Great picture Stuart.. I won’t start on my feelings about the corporate money making olympics or the surface to air missiles on the top of residential flats!! .. Oh I have ! but I watched the opening ceremony because it was Danny Boyle directing it and I knew he’d do a great job and I think it was brilliant !! Especially all the drumming industrial stuff…. Quirky and original ( I edited photos while the athletes did their walking stuff! )


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I was awake for Branagh does Brunel does the Bard and that was rather good, plus Mrs SHPics’s somewhat breathless reaction to the phallic chimneys was a bit of an eye-opener… but, I’m afraid that after that point I was struggling to stay awake..
      Even my brief moment of republican excitement when I thought the Queens parachute wasn’t going to open didn’t manage to stop my snores for long…
      Ah well, I suppose it was only thirty odd million pounds or so, and it’s not as if there was anything else we might have spent it on.
      (Oh…I hadn’t heard about the surface to air missiles, but it makes McCartneys performance even more galling….a wasted opportunity, the sad old pillock was a sitting duck!)


  3. marinachetner

    I thought the Opening Ceremony was pretty good – The Arctic Monkeys playing ‘Come Togethe’r as fluoro doves cycled around, David Beckham arriving with the torch on a speedboat, the cauldron looking spectacular as it was lit, and the fireworks rivalled what Sydney does on an annual basis 🙂 BUT I agree re Hey Jude. Great pic!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Its not easy for me, maintaining this miserable old curmudgeonly facade but I try my best…
      (yeah fluoro doves were cool, but dont tell anyone I said so…)
      McCartney is to Rock and Roll what Hitler was to Jazz Ballet…..


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