Posting yesterday, I found myself lost in an archive of images I took in China a few years ago..

The shot of the water calligrapher I wanted for yesterdays post was a nightmare to find, as I never, (ever), tag anything….(Pillock)… so the only filter I could use was the folder name …(can you guess?)…China….There’s no flies on Mr SHPics!

Given that I’d shot well over 4000 frames, finding the water calligrapher in around ten minutes was one heck of a result……I also found a short series of images that I took hand-held in very low light at a Chinese Ballet in Beijing.

I’d never properly looked back at these before…Skating through them I’d simply seen blur and had never got around to opening them on a full screen.


Hand on heart, I can’t remember much about the ballet, other than it would have given Darcey Bussell the screaming ab-dabs…..Think ‘The Nutcracker’ meets ‘The Power-Rangers’ meets ‘Apocalypse Now’ with a soundtrack by the Spanish Inquisition and you’ll be part way there.

These were taken on a fuji bridge camera which was antiquated even then… I’m afraid the quality is not what it should be…but, they still look better if you click on them individually..

Hope you like them.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

      1. Sreeja

        I’m good… I bit busy with research and sad with the ending of summer 😀 Coming back to your blog after a long time!!! it’s all so awesome here 😀

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