I’ve just been having a right old moan to my bloggin’buddy Sreeja about  having had a total lack of a summer here in the UK…

Seems like I can count on one hand the number of times we’ve had two consecutive days without rain….Nightmare!

So there was only one thing to do…..Plan an escape!

The picture above is a bit of a clue to the country that will be playing host to the SHPics August/September roadshow. According to a nifty little weather app on my smartphone, it seems that, in the region we’ll be heading for, average day-time temperatures are currently hovering around 36 decrees Celcius …..

Now I’m not prepared to pull my punches……

Let me state, here and now, categorically and for the record, that I, Mr SHPics, will most definitely cause an International Incident of quite shocking magnitude if these temperatures are not maintained for the duration of our road-trip. I also insist on un-interrupted golden sunshine, smiles from everyone, massive hotel discounts, large portions of fabulous food all of which is totally calorie free, complimentary drinks, traffic free roads, early morning breezes, empty beaches, underwear un-troubled by sand, internet wherever and whenever I want it, pretty girls (and the occasional good looking dude for Mrs SHPics though to be honest she’s been spoiled), late afternoon breezes, big soft King sized beds, extra pillows, no telephone calls from home and at least ten fabulous photo opportunities each hour…Oh, and world peace.

What are my chances?

(A bit of an explanation for the rather strange ‘Clue’ pic…This is the closest I’ve ever come to a photoshop ‘doodle’…The whole process was totally random while I was doing some research on tripadvisor…I have no idea what I did to get this image, but, even though its a bit ‘clunky’, it’s adding to my travelly/vibey/feelly good thingy..So..Give it a click, it’s a wee bit slap-dash but I hope you like it)

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      A big fluffy teddy bear to the glamorous antipodean….
      The plan is to take in Granada, Las Alpujarras and the Sierra Nevada, tootling through Almeria province before looping back through North Eastern Andalucia to Cordoba, then (if time allows), on to Sevilla..
      I’m so excited I have wet myself….


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