Remember my last post where I glibly claimed that forthcoming posts would be coming thick and fast?

You do?

Well then you’ll know that I’ve let you down like a cheap pair of tights!

Spain is simply toooo fantastic to be spending my time stuck at a screen so I’ve made a decision…Just get out there and soak it up…Take as many shots as I can, and review and post only when its simply too dark to keep shooting.

In the long run it will all work out, and, as I said when I started the blog way back in the mists of time, I’m doing it for fun.

But…because it is dark, and because Mrs SHpics is too drunk to move, here are a quick few shots from Granada.


In addition to all this arty farty beauty stuff, I’ve become aware of some cultural differences between the Spanish and the Brits..

Do you know when you’re trying to sell a house in the UK how estate agents give out lots of advice about de-cluttering and maybe having a pot of freshly brewed coffee wafting around?…


Here in Spain advice is obviously informed by other things…..

We were greeted by this when we stuck our heads into a town house bedroom !

Strange people the Spanish!

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. marinachetner

    Gorgeous pics – the yellow in the first two really works! you stuck your head into a townhouse window? As in, you trespassed?! Wow… and what you found inside is double ‘wow’. Glad you’re enjoying the vacation!


  2. scillagrace

    Does this mean you’re shopping for new digs in Spain? Love the top shot especially, and you would laugh to see the Jesus art we have lying around here just for fun…used to have a Jesus night light, but the plastic cracked from the heat. Still, we have a nice portrait facing inside the living room from the front porch just for kicks.


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