This is my new pal Alan.

He may well have other names, but, the fact that he is an Alpaca and that he weirdly reminds me of my father in law, means he will always be Alan to me.

(There is a possibility of course, that Alan is a girl and in fact Alannah, but, until I can shoot from a different angle your guess is as good as mine.

Either way..Ain’t he/she gorgeous?)


A couple of extra shots chucked in here.

All a bit random but the countryside thing seems to be affecting me that way.

A couple of fields away there is a dirtbike/scrambling track..I haven’t seen it in use yet, but, smack in the middle is a very tatty old Japanese earthmover…Big, yellow and rusty…The wind screen is well and truly cracked and blistered and I thought would be good source pixels for a bit of a colour-fest…..

But if colour’s not really your thing………..Try a bit of brown.

Or go mad, and try a little  bit of green..

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

  1. tanya ellis

    omg,i love the al warned, him and his mate spit and it is hot n for the bike track you should have been here last sunday they were on it all day.we have a new inmate for you to get close to.check the hill on right hand side when you come back..!!


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Thanks for the heads-up Tanya but no worries..I’ve breakfasted on garlic sausage and I’ll spit right back….When it comes to a showdown with a city trained spitter I reckon your average Alpaca will cut and run….
      I’ll keep my eyes peeled on the hill.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      Yes…. I was thinking of you as I pressed the button.
      I think you’d like most of my new neighbours..Hopefully I’ll find time to shoot a few more of them.


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