Yesterdays ‘Furry Friend’ post seemed popular, (though no word from the father in law……..hmmmm?), but I’m afraid todays post is devoid of cute livestock so now is probably a good time to leave and google ‘L’il Bub’……

As I mentioned yesterday, I’ve had absolutely no photographic plan during my first week or so of ‘country-living’ and have just been out snapping willy nilly…All a bit ‘Kid in a Sweetshop-Vibe’…so apologies for another set of (very) random images..

Hopefully this next week I will be able to get a few hours free to shoot with a bit more of a gameplan…(and stop being such a lazy old bast*rd and take my tripod with me…so far virtually everything I’ve shot out and about has been ‘woolly’ which really  isn’t good enough….Dunces hat/stand in the corner).

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.


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