Though of course at this time of year there is very little punting going on.

However……Wrap a scarf around your neck, double-up on the under-wear, thrust your muck-forks into some fluffy mittens, and tip-toe down to Magdalen bridge.

Steady….. No sudden moves.

If you’re very quiet you’ll find them, cuddled up for warmth, waiting for the spring.

Hush now…Don’t scare them away.



And yes..This is my second post of the day….Ha Ha Ha !!

I don’t post for weeks… and then…. twice in almost as many hours…

I know…..I’m a rebel, an iconoclast, an anarchist…..I’m a very naughty boy!


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

(p.s. if the image is too big for your screen just give it a click…..easy-peasy).

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