It’s pretty damn cold outside………

But don’t worry dear reader…I’ve coped by using the following, well tried and tested, SHPics chill-busting techniques for the start of the day. To whit:

1. Complete avoidance of the early morning shower…….24 hours shouldn’t make that much difference, providing I avoid standing in a breeze with my armpits exposed.

2. Consumption of a BIG super-stodgy breakfast….Todays featured eggs/cheese/ham/mustard/mayonaise/ketchup/toast/tea/coffee in colossal quantities..Hurrah!

3.Tucking both of my T-shirts all of the way into my underwear..(and I do mean all the way…Right down under the full extent of the under-carriage and tugged forcefully out through the leg-holes)…..I know I’ve done it, but no-one else can tell….Result!

4.Tactically forgetting something absolutely crucial at the last possible minute….. Mrs SHPics then has plenty of time to warm up the car…(Don’t worry she is half my age and has far better circulation.)


All of this has so far worked brilliantly, and even in todays arctic conditions, I’ve managed to cultivate a positively meditteranean mood..

Dipping into the photos I took a few months ago on our Spanish adventure has only added to my scrumptious feelings of cuddlfied warmness…..If you’re feeling chilly I hope these help.

Up at the top of the page is a view over Granadas railway station taken late in the day.


The paving stones in front of the cathedral look like they could fry an egg.

While the ceilings of the Mezquita in Cordoba are hot in more ways than one.

Even late in the evening the Mezquita seems to glow….


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.


    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I did feel a little guilty so while we were out I bought her some de-icer and one of those screen-scraper things as a thank-you…..I couldn’t afford gloves as well but the sleeves on her overalls are pretty long so I think she’ll be fine.


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