Another set of street art photos from my trip to Granada a few weeks ago……..

I was totally amazed by how much I found and at how absolutely wonderful some of it was…OK, like any city, there were many walls simply disfigured by paint…half a brain and a spray can  rarely results in anything good….but Granada seemed to have more than its fair share of incredibly talented people turning something plain into real beauty…Aerosol Alchemy….

A blog buddy asked me what it was about graffiti that rings my bell….

Apart from the obvious worth of some of the individual pieces, I really get a buzz out of the mind-set where someone commits to producing something that may only last for a few hours..worst case scenario may hardly get an audience at all before its painted over…How many of us could commit emotionally to producing something so transient…

Strangely admirable.

Every shot here was taken in a two hour trawl radiating out from the area around Granadas cathedral…

I’m going back in January and will retrace my steps……What will be left? What will have changed/developed/disappeared?

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.


  1. scillagrace

    These are really much more sophisticated than anything I’ve seen in the USofA. Okay, “commitment despite transience” – but why not sand castles? Is street art illegal in Spain? Is there an element of anarchy that appeals to you?


    1. Stuart

      (Let’s be honest…
      Sophistication in the U.S. means not eating with your fingers ……)
      But to answer you…..
      Do you know how much I love watching sandcastles at the exact moment that they’re caught by the tide or was this a lucky guess?
      I just always seem to be a sucker for grand gestures….the more futile the better…
      BUT anarchy?
      Sorry must dash, I have a museum to torch!


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