I didn’t really know what to call todays post…I toyed with ‘Swan Lake’….Nearly got a little arty-farty with ‘Swanns Way’…Considered being all cool and minimal with ‘Two Swans’,(or even cooler with ‘Swan’)….but finally went with what we’ve got up top…..

The same spot separated by a night.

Yesterday closed with vapour trails and gold while today opened with a thick blanket of grey.

The swans didn’t seem particularly impressed with either……Too much in love.

I’m usually a total colour-fiend but with these shots I so much prefer the muted greys of morning.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde.

    1. Stuart

      Even given the temperature factor I’m still managing to look forward to snow …..
      Most unlike me!
      This nature thing can get a little obsessional …..


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