You will remember that only a few posts ago I was ranting on about how thoroughly cheesed off I was with autumnal photography……Sick Sick Sick of it!…To hear me chuntering on you’d think the only good leaf was a green leaf and anyone shooting reds and golds should be propped against a wall and shot..first in the extremities causing maximum pain but minimal blood loss and thus ensuring a slow and agonizing expiration…….What a nasty piece of work I am..

Especially when you consider, after only the shortest time, I simply forget all about it and subject you all to todays autumnal onslaught..

I Know!  I’m a bit of a git!  But at least I’m consistently a bit of a git…….

Anyway, enough self analysis…You’re here for pictures right?

Autumnal colours courtesy of Oxfords Harcourt Arboretum…

The day was extremely overcast and (being an idling lackadaisy as well as being a git) I was not carrying my tripod which necessitated upping the iso and dropping the shutter speed a little more than I would normally like, (I was handholding at a fifteenth of a second)….So a little grainy and woolly, but, given that I went purely for a walk and actually didnt intend to shoot at all, I reckon I can live with the outcome.

(It’s funny…I’ve noticed I can handhold at much slower shutter speeds when I have a hangover…??…Explanations on a postcard please).

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan hyde

  1. scillagrace

    “A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines.” Go ahead, be inconsistent. (These are luxurious, BTW!)


    1. Stuart

      I pride myself on the consistency of my inconsistence ………
      Plus I consider myself as divine as it is possible for a gorgeous hunk of pure maculinity to be…..
      ’tis my cross to bear…..


    1. Stuart

      Maybe you should drink more….that middle ground smack in between anxious sobriety and legless inebriation would probably find you steady as a rock……..


  2. tanya ellis

    i love these,but i do think you are embracing the caravan life a bit too well.back up to look after you all on the 2nd so be warned


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