negratin7webI wasn’t going to post again today…I’ve really quite enjoyed the laziness of the past month…but as I still have access to a borrowed laptop, (mine still totally fried in case anyone at Dell feels like sponsoring  a very deserving photo-nerd..Inspiron 17R SE please..), I found myself fiddling with some more shots taken at Negratin.

I’m seriously toying with the idea of some really large scale prints of these sort of shots…6 or 7 feet square…printed in cross-over A4 sections and then re-assembled, mounted on board…..Not sure….Mrs Shpics rarely trusts me with her nail scissors and the superglue is strictly off limits…Its incredible how long a persian cat can remain stuck to the ceiling.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

    1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

      I bet you’re not as cold as I am replying to your comment…
      Sat outside in the rain struggling to keep my internet signal up…..
      OH ***kit…….I do wish I was back in Spain.
      Any room in Mallorca bound luggage?


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