The last few days have been tough on the system…

OK Spain wasn’t exactly roasting at this time of year but compared to this, believe me it was summery.

I’m back under canvas and tin in wild and woolly Oxfordshire, but, sticking to my plan to get into a pair of jeans I last wore in 1977, I gritted my teeth this morning, stuffed newspaper down the side of my wellies, and headed out into the elements for an extended constitutional…

The thaw has set in, so blissfully no snow…….just floods…..lots and lots of floods.


All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. scillagrace

    “…a pair of jeans I last wore in 1977…” Such a guy thing even to dream about that…1977 was before I grew and expelled 4 human beings from my body. Snow and floods and change…there’s no going back, in my opinion.


    1. Stuart

      I’ll have you know I have a mere 1.5 inches to go….(between you and me I was a portly youth).
      Still , portly at seventeen equates to skinny at fifty three…
      That’s good enough for me…


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Well…I’m more of an oak man than a willow man…
        But enough about you..
        Can I just point out that this post is some days old and last night I did actually get into those jeans..
        God did I look like a pillock!
        Back to my comfortable slacks and cardie…

  2. tanya ellis

    another wet season then.new life on the farm if you go see sam or paul,the calf’s have started arriving.
    and 1977 surely they were flares in those days lol.


    1. Stuart

      Wet so far but I’ve got a good feeling about spring….I think it’s going to be a beauty….
      In ’77 I was just about in drainpipe black jeans working the art school punk look….the flares had been binned …..but only just.


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