I’ve spent rather too long in wet and windy conditions this past week and even though I’ve got a few new images out of it I’m simply not in the mood to foist’em on to you…so I’m dipping back into the shots I took in Spain over the christmas period. ..

That doesn’t mean you’re gonna get sunshine though….

We took a drive out to Lorca early in the new year and, though I did get a few shots there, I thought I’d post the shots I took at various stops on the journey back to Huescar and the cave we were staying in..

All day it had threatened to rain and the later it got in the afternoon the more it looked like we were in for a downpour….Amazingly, even though the drive was a good hour and a half with all of the piccie-pauses, we made it back un-moistened…by the time it started we were snug in front of the fire shovelling patatas a la pobres & chorizo into our gobs and swilling big-boy balloons of spanish brandy……the good life!

The shot at the top is of a quarry that lies just to the north east of Huescar, the road catching the sun heads in the same direction, on through Castril before climbing high into the Sierra de Cazorla..a drive for another day.


The second shot shows the Sierra de Baza which lies south of Huescar. Drive an hour in pretty much any direction from Huescar and the Altiplano and you’re heading into the mountains…..Flick a coin..Which Sierra do you fancy today?



altiplano4webShots three and four are, I’m ashamed to say, a little bit woolly as I was handholding with no gloves and it was freezing and a bit too dark for the iso setting I was using… excuse, the tripod was in the car I just couldnt face getting my fingers stuck to the metal….

Still, even though they’re not as sharp as they should be,(neither am I), they do deliver on colour…The lower the sun sank, the more the colours seemed to sing.

All Images Copyright Stuart Allan Hyde

  1. scillagrace

    Gorgeous! I am such a sucker for a sweeping landscape with lots of sky, especially in the colorful light of late afternoon. This is generally when I’m out hiking, and I don’t take a tripod.


      1. Stuart Hyde - shpics

        Well, if you’re happy then I’m happy… 🙂
        Incidentally your gravatar image reminds me of Anton Corbijns photos of Ian Curtis…..Very striking!
        Hope you keep checking in Christian, its nice to see you here.

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